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Breast augmentation, also known as mammoplasty or breast enlargement, is a surgical enhancement procedure to accentuate the size and shape of a woman's breasts. Breast augmentation will make the breasts larger, will increase the visible cleavage and can lift some mildly sagging breasts. Breast augmentation can be a tremendous help to patients who desire a fuller profile, who have lost breast volume due to pregnancy or nursing, or want to gain a more natural look again. Dr.Weinstein recently presented Natural Proportional Breast Augmentation, over 500 of his cases at an International Plastic Surgery symposium in Paris, France and presented this again with over 650 cases at the International Plastic Surgery meeting in Santiago, Chile in February, 2013.  Dr. Weinstein taught Natural Proportional Breast Augmentation at a national plastic surgery meeting held in NYC.

     Selecting the size and shape of the implant is critical to patient satisfaction. You will be able to try on implants in a tight sports bra and see your 3 dimensional image altered with The Vectra Imaging machine 

Reasons for Considering Breast Augmentation:

  • Enhance body shape if breasts are too small.
  • Increase breast volume after pregnancy and nursing.
  • Equalize a difference in breast size (cup size) to gain breast symmetry.
  • Reconstruct breasts following a mastectomy or injury.

General Procedure

Breast augmentation involves making a small incision to insert a breast implant into the breast area in order to enlarge the breast.  The surgery is commonly performed on an outpatient basis at a hospital or state-of-the-art surgical unit while the patient is under a general anesthesia or with local anesthesia with sedation.  There are several possible locations for the small incision that will be used for inserting the breast implant.  The most frequent technique utilizes an incision made in the lower portion of the breast.  The incision by Dr. Weinstein in lower inframammarry or lower bra fold can be as small as 2.4cm or less then an inch when inserting unfilled saline breast implants. Silicone gel filled cohesive implants need a larger incision for insertion as they are prefilled and not volume fill adjustable. Another technique, though less frequently used, involves making an incision in the armpit.  A third technique makes an incision around the areola (the darker skin surrounding the nipple). Dr. Weinstein performs mommy makeover after a woman is finished having her children. His technique uses an incision in the low  belly, thus eliminating scarring in the breast area.  Your technique will be individualized to your needs and shape of your breasts, together between you and Dr. Weinstein during the consultation. In our beautiful safe Chesterwoods, New Jersey office we have the new 3 dimensional Vectra imaging system to help us analyze your breasts and help select the best implants to enhance your appearance.

During surgery, the breast tissue is raised to create an open pocket under the breast tissue or beneath the chest wall muscle Inserting a breast implant behind each breast can increase a woman's breast size by one or more bra cup sizes.  Breast implants typically contain a saline solution (similar to saltwater) or contain a gummy bear silicone gel.  In some circumstances, particularly those in which there is breast asymmetry (uneven breast size), an inflatable breast implant may be used to allow Dr. Weinstein to adjust the level of inflation to attain breast symmetry and balance.  Surgery typically lasts from 1 to 3 hours.

Recovery Process

Generally, post-operative instructions call for plenty of rest and limited movement in order to speed up the healing process and recovery time.  Bandages are applied right after surgery to aid the healing process and to minimize movement of the breasts.  Once the bandages are removed, a specialized surgical bra will need to be worn for several weeks.  Patients sometimes report minor pain associated with the surgery.  This pain can be treated effectively with oral medication. While complications are rare, patients can minimize potential problems by carefully following the directions given by Dr. Weinstein and his staff after surgery.

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Breast Augmentation in New Jersey

Many women choose to have their breasts enlarged in order to satisfy their own desire for a fuller bust line. Your breasts may not have developed to a size that meets your expectations, or one breast may be significantly smaller than the other. You may have been happy with your breasts in the past, but feel that they look different now. Often, after weight loss, childbirth or as a result of aging, the breasts lose volume and their shape changes. Breast augmentation can enhance your breast size and shape, and give you the more proportional figure that you always wanted. Contact Us

Breast augmentation is the second most popular cosmetic surgical procedure (just behind lipoplasty) for women, according to statistics from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). Nearly 217,000 breast augmentation procedures were performed last year, and the number of breast enlargements has gone up 114 percent over the past five years. In 2013 Breast augmentation was up 6.7% in the USA.

We know that breast augmentation in the USA and New Jersey is popular, but how satisfying are the results? A recently published study looked at the experiences of 360 women who had undergone breast augmentation in the USA. Psychological testing was done before surgery, and at intervals of six, 12 and 24 months following breast enlargement. Researchers reported that “throughout the two-year period, over 90 percent of the women were satisfied with the surgery and their resultant body-image changes.”

One or more of the following feelings or conditions may indicate that you are a good candidate for breast augmentation or breast enlargement in New Jersey:

  • Clothes that fit well around your hips are often too large at the bust line
  • You feel self-conscious wearing a swimsuit or form-fitting top 
  • Your breasts have become smaller and lost their firmness after having children 
  • Weight loss has changed the size and shape of your breasts
  • One of your breasts is noticeably smaller than the other
  • You are bothered by the feeling that your breasts are too small 

Breast augmentation in New Jersey can be performed at any age after the breasts are fully developed. A good candidate for breast enlargement is emotionally mature, understands her personal motivations and has realistic goals for the procedure.

The inframammary fold, periareolar, axillary, transumbilical and abdominoplasty approaches for breast augmentation can be utilized. The inframammary approach is very reliable, with extremely low incidence of malposition or loss of sensation. In younger patients, without a well-developed fold,  the periareolar approach for saline implant breast augmentation maybe preferred.

In older patients with abdominal stretch marks, excess abdominal strain or weak abdominal fascia the breast augmentation maybe combined with an abdominoplasty {tummy tuck}  through one low bikini line incision. Before and after photos and more information about breast augmentation can be accessed here. Accurate, quick recovery, safe and natural breast augmentation are the goals of our plastic surgeons associated with BreastImplantDocs.Com.

Synthetic Breast Implants
All breast implants are surrounded by a firm, silicone elastic (elastomer) shell. The envelope of the breast implant may be smooth or textured. Obtain as much information about the different types of breast implants when you discuss your particular situation with the surgeon. Manufacturers also provide information about their products which can be obtained from your surgeon or the manufacturers website. Breast implants have different warranties available.

Breast Implant Fillers
There are two basic types of breast implant fillers available: Saline-filled and silicone gel-filled.

Saline breast implants
Filled with a salt and water solution of similar concentration to that found in body tissue. May be pre-filled or filled through a valve at the time of surgery.

Long history of use

Available in either round or anatomical (breast shaped) designs

Filled with a solution which can be absorbed and excreted by the body

Silicone Gel Breast implant
Filled with a soft or firm silicone substance. Soft filled breast implants contain a semi-liquid silicone gel. Firm filled breast implants, or cohesive breast implants, contain a firmer gel which does not spill if the shell ruptures. At the present time, silicone gel-filled breast implants are only available as a cohesive gel that does not spill if ruptured in an auto accident or falling down a flight of steps which might save someone's life (3 instances Dr.Weinstein knows of). FDA approval involves a 5 year study including a commitment to have an MRI at 12 to 36 months after implantation.

Long history of use.

The soft cohesive silicone gel filler is the softest breast implant available. It is less prone to wrinkling and feels more natural than some other implants

Available in either round breast implant or anatomical breast implant (breast shaped) designs

The 1998 IRG found no evidence that silicone breast implants - gel breast implants - or cohesive gel ssilicone breast implants pose a danger to women's health

Types of Envelope of Breast Implants
Breast implants are made with silicone elastomer (rubber).

Smooth Breast Implants
Smooth-surfaced breast implants have a slightly softer shell, have less wrinkling and are less likely to be felt through the skin and tissue. Choosing the breast implant surface that is right for you will be discussed with you by Dr. Weinstein.

Textured Breast Implants
Textured surface breast implants were designed to reduce the chance of capsular contracture (a hardening of the breast implant ), and promote tissue adherence, which may help to maintain proper implant positioning. They have a higher incidence of wrinkling and may have a higher incidence of rupture.

Shape of Breast Implant
Depending on the desired shape you wish to achieve, you and your surgeon may choose a round or contoured implant shape. Generally, the larger you want your cup size, the larger the breast implant the surgeon will consider (measured in cubic centimeters, or cc's). You should be aware that contoured implants that are placed sub muscularly may assume a round shape after implantation.

Round Breast Implants
Round Breast Implants are round in design. They enhance breast size are made in low profile, moderate profile and high profile shape.

Each profile is used on an individual basis to enhance an individual woman's profile.

Shaped Breast Implants
Shaped implant is designed to reflect the slope of a breast. With its upper area gently sloping downward and outward. Shaped implant is more likely to shape the upper part of your breast with a gentle slope. They have a higher incidence of malposition, hardness and possibly rupture.

Natural Tissue
By the time a female is 16 to 18 years of age, her breasts are completely formed. Over time, with weight gain or loss, pregnancy or the use of oral contraceptives, breast size will change.

While it is possible to move areas of body tissue, the use of body tissue is rarely an appropriate solution for breast enlargement. This is a long and complicated operation which is seldom used for cosmetic purposes and is commonly used in breast reconstruction. Additionally, the injection of fat does not result in a satisfactory increase in breast volume. The fat can also calcify and cause problems with mammography.

Three dimensional Body Imaging is available from the Mentor Love your look website.

All About Breast Implants:
Sizes, Texture and Styles Explained

What is the definition of a breast implant?

A breast implant has an exterior sac or implant shell made of silicone, a rubber-like substance. The implant is filled with one of two substances: silicone gel or saline. The implant is surgically implanted under your chest wall.

Silicone vs Saline Breast Implants

Breast Implants

Breast Implants

MemoryGel Silicone Breast Implant
Saline Breast Implant

FDA Approved

FDA Approved

Filled with Mentor’s proprietary silicone gel – MemoryGel™ – that holds together uniformly while retaining the natural give that resembles breast tissue.

Filled with a saltwater solution similar to the fluid that makes up most of the human body; slightly firmer feel.

Set fill volume.

Flexible fill volume, allowing the surgeon to adjust the volume during the procedure.

Three projection options: Moderate, Moderate Plus, High Profile.

Three projection options: Moderate, Moderate Plus, High Profile.

Two shell surfaces available: smooth and textured.

Two shell surfaces available: smooth and textured.

Slightly larger incision size with various options for incision placement.

Smaller incision size with various options for incision placement.

Covered by Mentor’s standard or Enhanced Advantage Limited Warranty and lifetime replacement policy.

Covered by Mentor’s standard or Enhanced Advantage Limited Warranty and lifetime replacement policy.

Breast Implant Profiles

Our collection of MemoryGel™ breast implants and round saline breast implants come in High Profile, Moderate Plus Profile, and Moderate Profile – each offering a different level of projection (profile) for each woman's preference and body type. In fact, Mentor was the first to offer the High Profile Breast Implant – offering greater projection, particularly designed for women with a narrower chest wall.

Breast Implant Profiles - Low to High Profile

Breast Implant Size

Choosing the right size implant is generally the most important decision a woman and her surgeon will make. Your plastic surgeon will evaluate your existing breast tissue to determine if you have enough tissue to accommodate the desired size of breast implant. Being realistic and following your doctor’s recommendations is very essential for the best result possible.

What are the possible physical repercussions of implants that are "too big" for me?

With breast implants that are too large for the amount of breast tissue you have, the implants’ edges may be visible through your skin after your operation or the implant may be more easily felt. You may also increase the risk of having surgical complications. Also, breast implants that are excessive in size may increase the effects of gravity on your body, which may cause your breasts to prematurely droop or sag.


Breast implants are measured by volume (cubic centimeters, or cc's), not cup size. Selecting the right volume for your body is one key for achieving your desired look. The Natrelle™ Collection offers a wide range of volumes, from 80cc to 850cc, so you and your surgeon can find the size that you are looking for. The final volume is determined by combining the base width that fits your chest with the projection you desire.


Projection is the distance your breast implants extend outward from your chest wall. A higher projection can be another way to give the impression of larger breast size without actually increasing volume and diameter. Natrelle™ breast implants come in three distinct profiles to help you find the best match for your body.

Low ProfileModerate ProfileHigh Profile


Natrelle™ breast implants are available with both smooth and textured shells. There are different considerations for both textured and smooth implants, so it's best to talk to your surgeon.

Smooth and Textured Breast Implant Surfaces

Smooth and Textured Breast ImplantsBreast implant shells come in either a smooth or textured surface. And here is the difference. As a natural reaction to any device placed in the body, scar tissue will form around the breast implant surface, creating a capsule. In some women, the capsule can tighten and squeeze the implant. This occurrence is called capsular contracture.

Textured breast implants were designed to reduce the chance of capsular contracture. Some information in the literature on small numbers of patients suggests that surface texturing reduces the chance of severe capsular contracture, but clinical information from studies of a large number of women with Mentor implants shows no difference in the likelihood of developing capsular contracture with textured implants compared to smooth-surfaced implants. Of significance is the higher incidence of rupture, wrinkling and visibility with textured implants vs. smooth. In dr. weinstein's twenty years of experience, there has been a 30 % rupture rate in textured oval implants vs less than 1% in smooth round breast implants.

The Testing and Manufacturing of Breast Implants

While each manufacturer of breast implants has its own protocol for testing the devices, all companies are subject to the same standards set by the FDA and are dedicated to the ongoing testing of their breast implant devices to provide women with the highest quality of options available.

Allergan puts its breast implants through a battery of tests to ensure that the medical devices have optimal durability and longevity. For example, Allergan tests a representative sample of the company's breast implants for durability and strength in a laboratory setting by exerting on them nearly 55 pounds of force repeatedly, up to 6.5 million times.

In comparison, a routine mammogram exerts approximately 30 pounds of force on a woman's breast and women typically do not need to undergo more than 50 or so mammograms during their lifetime. Today's silicone gel-filled breast implant designs, however, have been tested to withstand more than 25 times the force of a normal mammogram without failure.

All breast implant manufacturers, including Allergan, follow, and are monitored to ensure they meet, required government regulations and strict procedures throughout all stages of breast implant manufacturing. These government regulations apply to the production, handling and shipment of materials and final silicone gel-filled breast implants.

Specifically, all manufacturers of medical devices must provide proof that their products are produced under Current Good Manufacturing Procedures (CGMP). These procedures ensure that all medical devices are manufactured under a strictly controlled environment, and have established a validated process to ensure the consistency and quality of each device.

Breast implant manufacturers also maintain and exceed government-required security measures for shipping and manufacturing procedures, to guarantee that all silicone gel-filled breast implants meet the highest possible quality standards. These security measures include the use of tamper-evident seals, putting precautions and safeguards in place to prevent possible product tampering or product damage, and maintaining a tracking system for breast implants.


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