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Facelift Approach

Exciting quick recovery natural looking facelifts are regularly achieved in the delicate artistic hands of Dr. Larry Weinstein. He has a unique gentle approach to repositioning the aging cheeks, jowls and neck. Dr. Weinstein is able to take years away from someone's face in just a few hours of careful cosmetic considerations. Since 1986, Dr. Weinstein is performing minimally invasive procedures for facial rejuvenation. His principal focus of facial rejuvenation is to listen to the patients needs. Your life style is important and can be changed by a minimal incision quick recovery Z lift facelift.

Sometimes a minimal facelift focusing on one area of patient need, can be effected easily with minimal recovery.  He uses both preauricular and posterior auricular approaches to correct excess laxity of facial skin, nasolabial folds, jowls and slight excess in neck skin. “If treating a fatty neck, I use liposuction and/or direct excision of neck fat. When indicated, I imbricate the platysma to tighten the neck through the inferior chin crease. I do most of my facelift and brow lifts under general anesthesia.    When doing the facelift closure, I want the wounds to be barely visible.  Women are concerned that if the wind blows their hair up, that there be no visible scars.   Some women like to wear their hair back in a scrunchie or ponytail.  The posterior auricular approach is in the posterior ear sulcus. In a woman, the anterior approach for a facelift is posterior to the tragus of the ear.” I also place two stay sutures one just above the superior anterior aspects of the ear and the second to the mastoid periosteum to hold the skin in place.  After which I trim the skin.  I prep the hair on facelifts with Betadine and prior to my suturing I move the hair away from the sterile area with Bacitracin ointment.  I rarely remove or injure hair follicles.”

“I always concentrate on the areas that can be fixed with minimally invasive plastic surgery.  When I check brow position, I look carefully at the anterior hairline.  I find in the aging patient, both male and female, that a receding hairline is common. I will offer an anterior hairline approach for brow elevation in those patients with a receding hairline. This anterior hairline technique allows the hairline to be brought forward, while elevating the brow and correcting glabella (worry line) furrows.  I always preserve the widow’s peak to obtain a natural result.”

“Endoscopic brow lifts are ideal for patients with normal or low anterior hairline. I don’t attempt to elevate the brows beyond the upper bevel of the superior orbital boney ridge to avoid a surprised look.  My preference is the endoscopic technique for brow elevation using a dissolvable Endotine plate.”

“I correct lateral lid hooding by upper Blepharoplasty. I remove excess skin and muscle in an ellipse. If the Corrugator muscle is hyperactive I consider a palpebral technique for corrugator muscle resection. I assess lower lids for excess skin, muscle, and fat.  I usually perform lower Blepharoplasty through the external subciliary technique.  I remove excess skin as necessary, tighten the muscle and do limited fat removal. Through this incision I can elevate nasolabial folds.  However, I perform a facelift for heavy nasolabial folds, jowls and excess neck skin.”

Attractive alternatives are available for minimally invasive facial rejuvenation. Tailoring the procedure for the right circumstances, physical findings, patient concerns and health of the patient is Dr. Weinstein’s forte.  Dr. Weinstein uses a balanced approach to achieve consistent safe and natural improvements.

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