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The India Project

The Chester Lioness Club met on Thursday, November 1st ,2007 in the Lamplighter Restaurant, Routes #24/513, Chester, NJ.  Our Chester plastic surgeon brought smiles back to the faces of impoverished Indians by performing cleft lip and cleft nose repairs. The club was honored by presentor Dr. Larry Weinstein, a local plastic surgeon with offices in both Chester Woods and Summit, NJ, who has traveled on six missions of mercy with Dr. Dicksheet, a Brooklyn plastic surgeon and five- time Nobel prize nominee for his surgical interventions of the poor in his native country of India.  Upon their return to the U.S. in February, from a five day mission in Calcutta, Dr Weinstein had completed 52 cleft lip surgeries and saw an average of 105 patients daily. A clef lip is one or two separations of the upper lip at the base of the nose.   In the United States, this surgery is generally performed within the first year of life.  In poorer regions of India, many people live with defects for years, even as adults.
Dr Weinstein gave a synopsis of “The India Project and Reconstructive Facial Surgery”.  Dr Weinstein feels blessed to be able to help patients in India.  When he learned how many surgeries he had performed, he said that it was one “mitzvah”, or good deed, for every week of the year.  He finds much joy in working with his friend, the 75 year old Dr. Dicksheet, who despite injuries from a car accident which left him wheelchair bound, had a bout with laryngeal cancer and survived two heart attacks, continues to work helping others.  “He sits at a table for as long as 10 hour for surgery”, Weinstein said, “He is really a testament to the human spirit.”

PS: A documentary of Dr. Dicksheet is available at .

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